Dic 2014

The CNR, National Research Council of Italy is the biggest Research Centre in Italy; it was born to help the Country’s growth integrating research both with private enterprise and Universities in order to create a flexible and dynamic system which could give the opportunity to young researchers to enter into and participate in an history made of excellences.

With 8,000 staff and over 4,000 scholarship holders or PhD students working on temporary projects, the CNR covers the entire territory of the Country with 107 Institutes present in each region and working closely with the productive entities in the Country, not only big companies but also medium and small enterprises.

The relation between CNR and private sector is now central in our globalized world where it is of paramount importance to work on innovation, know-how and quality of Italian products.

A privileged relation there has always existed between CNR and Universities thus creating an integration pole where young researchers can study, train and become ready to compete at international level. The Cnr is at the forefront of research in the world, with 90 years of experience and successes in different fields.

Such as for example the Noble Prize Giulio Natta 50 years ago opened up new perspectives with his studies on polymers, today the CNR is working on a new material: graphene, a bidimensional molecule which will allow in the future to obtain materials which now are barely possible to imagine.

Also in the field of the Physics of Matter CNR is making great advancements with NanoTechnologies and internationally recognized new chemical elements.

Biology and Medicine are fundamental fields of research where results of great important and immediate practical implementation are reached, such as imagine diagnostic in the medical field.

BioAgriFood is now central: the quality of produce, sustainability and bioversity are of paramount importance in our society nowadays.

The Department for Human and Social Sciences is essential to CNR, studying migratory trends and working for the Protection of our Cultural Heritage is the pride of Italy.

Also BioTechnology and Information Communication Technology both cooperate in creating new instruments for use above all in the medical field. Information Technology is central to the CNR and it controls and monitors Smart Communities and Smart Cities alike, through inter-disciplinary cooperation with all other fields of research within the Council itself.

IT Engineers and Human Studies experts, Matter Physicians and Mathematicians cooperate with their research to the very same shared objective. Project HORIZON 2020 is a great opportunity for the CNR and for whole of Italy, Europe is investing an enormous sum in research because it sees in it the essential element for growth, it is 80 million Euros which will help to put the basis for the future, and put the emphasis on quality, competence and innovation.

Together with the private sector and Universities, the CNR has the task to promote research and disseminate all results in order to achieve a sustainable economy with a fair growth for all.

After 90 years, the National Research Council of Italy is still looking ahead.



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