Ago 2016

Climate change is likely to significantly modify patterns of capital investments, and constitutes both a risk and an opportunity for investors and financial institutions. The Paris Agreement approved at the COP21 is giving a new thrust to climate policy worldwide. A framework aligning the decisions of financial institutions with long-term climate goals is taking shape, and carbon intense projects and investments will likely face an increasing risk of getting stranded.
The aim of the ICCG Lecture Series on “Climate Finance”, thanks to the involvement of experts to discuss the most relevant topics in the field, is to demonstrate the extent to which changing finance is pivotal to the finance change required by the Climate Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In this video lecture, Christopher Knowles introduces the main instruments and policies to redirect investments from high carbon to low-carbon infrastructures, stressing the importance of pricing emissions. Moreover, he talks about measures investors can adopt to influence climate change positively, such as due diligence, decarbonization of investment portfolios, carbon accounting, disclosure, valuation of carbon stranding.

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