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80 years after the death of Guglielmo Marconi and 90 from the Cnr’s presidency, is celebrated his figure like author of intuitions on which the most innovative developments are based, excellent research manager, and completely open science man.

For the occasion, this documentary was produced and tells about the figure of Guglielmo Marconi, focusing on three aspects: the man, the scientist and the inventor. The daughter Elettra, Prof. Giovanni Paoloni, the president of Guglielmo Marconi foundation Gabriele Falciasecca and the president of Cnr Massimo Inguscio are going to speak about it.

“I’m proud to be the daughter of a man that at 21 years old had already invented the radio. A man with an extraordinary intelligence and enthusiasm. It was impossible to stop him. I remember him closed in the cabin of the ship carrying my name, focused on his experiments with radio, and sometimes he called me and my mother Cristina to make us hear voices from the world. Everything that he used to explain and show was magic for us. I could ask everything and he used to answer me as if I was an adult.  He always used to encourage young people because he loved them”, Elettra Marconi explains.

“The figure of the Nobel Marconi Prize is, after a while, still fully present and closely related with the latest innovations Thanks to his applications of radio wave discovery, Marconi opened the era of the science and the technology of the long distances communications: the broadcasting and wireless era. Today we still study and make use through electric light the results that he achieved with his electromagnetism discoveries.  The Cnr is working for a faster and high-capacity internet of future based on quantistic technologies, collecting the inheritance of its illustrious president in an evident willing of continue his intentions”, points out president Inguscio.


The ideal inheritance between the inventor of the wireless telegraphy and the major research organization in Italy assumes an important meaning for the entire Italian research system.

The documentary, produced by the Cnr webtv, was presented at the International Science Festival 2017 at the National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management, Anna University Campus in Chennai, India.


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