Ago 2016

A documentary that tells, in an easy and friendly way, the growing problem of marine pollution in the Italian coasts and, more particularly, that of the “marine litter”, that are anthropogenic waste beached in the costal area called “Pelagos sanctuary”, an area between Tuscany, Liguria and France, rich in marine parks and Marine Protected Areas.
The movie have been made with the European contribution (“Researchers’ Night 2015”), and is currently also available in French and with english subtitles.
Considerable emphasis have been placed on the initiatives of citizen-science, which often accompany social and educational experiences with  real scientific fallout.
Shot in beautiful locations in the provinces of La Spezia, Pisa, and the island of Pianosa (Livorno, Tuscan Archipelago), the movie  addresses the growing pollution issues due to floating anthropogenic materials and deposited on the coasts, tells what authorities and governative organizations and are doing  in this field and what are the possible future choices to be taken to remedy this problem, including research into new biodegradable materials
But, above all, it focuses on the need to foster better understanding of the marine environment in the new generations through targeted educational paths, and  encouraging collaboration between research organizations, government departments, educational institutions, voluntary associations and marine parks. In this respect it illustrates what has been done to date by the Institute Ismar CNR through SeaCleaner project.

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