Dic 2017

The European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructure (Esfri) has identified “Plant Phenotyping” as a priority for the European research area and Emphasis (European Infrastructure for Multi-scale Plant Phenotyping And Simulation for Food and Security in Changing Climate ) has been listed on the Esfri Roadmap as an infrastructure project to develop and implement a pan-European plant phenotyping infrastructure.

Emphasis has the goal to build a European plant phenotyping community fostering access to infrastructure while matching science and technology to needs and expectations of stakeholders. The project will establish a hub that closely cooperates with national platforms in European member states. The Cnr , in collaboration with Alsia, actively participates in the Emphasis project with the plant phenotyping infrastructure located in Metapontum (Basilicata).


Website: https://emphasis.plant-phenotyping.eu

Contacts & information: Silvana Moscatelli silvana.moscatelli@cnr.it


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