Nov 2015

The Institute of Biometeorology of the Italian National Research Council (Ibimet-Cnr), with the Regional Training Center of the World Meteorological Organization (Wmo), organized a course titled “Seasonal forecasts and water management in the Mediterranean basin”, held in Florence at Cnr Research Area last 19-23 October.
Climatic variability and related risks are affecting water availability for multipurpose uses, while the water demand is dramatically rising: precipitation and temperature anomalies knowledge, available a few months early, could be useful for technical services and organizations on managing water resources.
The purpose of this week-long course is to build capacities for the
climate seasonal forecasts for water management in the Mediterranean countries. Furthermore, according with the Global Framework for Climate Services, the course addresses the need to develop mechanisms for delivery of climate services for water managers and users and for enabling risk mitigation strategies at various levels and identifying research and transfer demand by end-users.

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