Set 2016

The ICCG Video Lecture Series dedicated to Water and Climate Change takes interested students on a journey with video presentations of complex themes made easy for all to understand, and more in-depth information for those interested in exploring the topic further. ICCG Video Lecture Series on Water and Climate Change addresses this complex issue from a number of different perspectives, one per lesson. The overall course will explain how this crucial resource can shape the present and future of Food, Energy, Health, Migration, Development and Biodiversity.

Videos by Jacopo Crimi; illustrations by Delfina De Lillo.

Water and Biodiversity

This lecture focuses on the relation between climate change and the hydrological cycle, and its direct and indirect impact on biodiversity.  It reviews the adaptation options available to different species and how policy should manage the transition to a new era where biodiversity and ecosystem services will become an integral part of our economic activities, both in rural and urban areas.

The lecture is given by Carlos Mario Gómez, Universidad de Alcalá.

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